Published Articles

While some writers thrive on niches, I’ve found variety is my key to success. Using my well-honed reporting skills and strong researching skills, I feel I can write on just about any topic. I easily move from interviewing business leaders and attorneys to speaking with pumpers and operators of heavy machinery.

Through the years, I’ve written extensively for a number of print and online publications from national web sites such as The Penny Hoarder and Brazen Careerist to specialized trade publications and websites including The Wisconsin Law Journal, Dig Different, Biz Times Media, St. Norbert Magazine and the Milwaukee Business Journal.  If there’s a type of sample that you’re looking for, but don’t see it below — please contact me. There’s a good chance that in my 20 years of journalism  I’ve covered something similar to what you’re looking for.

Here’s a brief sampling of some of my more recent published work:
Feature article on a St. Norbert College professor who conducts disaster decision making research for St. Norbert College Magazine
Executive profile article on Gina Stilp for The Milwaukee Business Journal
Article for St. Norbert College’s Magazine on a reunion of players from the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League for the Summer 2014 issue
Article for St. Norbert College Magazine on the value of keeping a gratitude journal for the Fall 2014 issue
Article on how municipalities deal with frozen pipes for Municipal Sewer & Water trade magazine
Article on how college students can exit school without credit card debt for The Penny Hoarder
Blog on preparing for freelance business for the year ahead for The Write Life
Blog for The Penny Hoarder on six common tax mistakes that people make
Asked and Answered features for The Wisconsin Law Journal (I write these weekly)
Article on how to save on Valentine’s Day for The Penny Hoarder
Contribute multiple articles annually to the Wisconsin Biz magazine, an annual publication of the Biz Times Media.

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