Don’t let detrailed plans slow you down

The view from my hotel room last week in Madison where I attended a dairy conference and had the opportunity to catch Jonathan Perelman speak.

I started 2016 with a small list of business resolutions — namely to track my time better, work smarter and write once a week on my blog. Well, as with most good intentions, I started out well and then life got in the way. I had a major writing project, a former co-worker died and I dislocated my finger while coaching my daughter’s basketball team (typing with eight fingers is not easy!) But I’m not giving up those resolutions and am climbing right back on the horse.

My intention with tracking the work I do and working smarter is that I’ll be able to focus more on the things that bring value to my business and that I enjoy. I’m hoping that by doing those two things that I’ll be able to grow IBizzyWriter. I found inspiration in an unlikely place last week — a dairy industry conference.

Jonathan Perelman, head of digital strategies for ICM Partners and a former executive at Google and Buzzfeed, was one of the keynote speakers at Dairy Strong 2016. He talked about “how content is king,” and how businesses need to cut through all the noise to get their message out. Perelman had so many great things to say that I couldn’t take notes fast enough.

“You need to get the audience talking and you need to give them something to share,” Perelman said. “We live in a sharing economy and content is currency. The most common gesture people make is refreshing their social media feed. It creates an endorphin rush in the brain when people like your stuff.”

Why do we share? People share photos, articles and comments on social media outlets including Facebook and Instagram to form community and build their personal brand.

“Before I leave Madison, I’ll take a photo to say ‘look what I’m doing and how great my life is,’” Perelman said.

By the way, Perelman shared that more people died taking selfies in 2015 than in shark attacks. “We want to look good to others,” he said.

When telling a good story, Perelman said there are four things people need to do – make sure what they’re saying is true to the teller, true to the audience, true to the moment and true to the mission.

“The key to all successful stories is simplicity, surprise and specificity,” Perelman said. “The three pillars to making the best content are emotional, identity and information. If you do that, people will connect.”

I hope to take the lessons I learned from his presentation and apply them in my writing going forward.

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